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We combine the wisdom of the East with the West precision

Chinese medicine is the most famous medical system, standing parallel to contemporary biomedical practices. It provides a comprehensive look at the questions that burn from time to time each of us - issues of health, illness, lifestyle, ways to maintain health, energy, vitality.

The answers are proved by age, number of people who followed them and extensive research conducted in the West.

TCM Clinic

We are a private medical facility providing the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We are also the reference center and training center for therapists and students of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Everything under one roof

Doctors in ancient China were aware of the need of different approaches to treatment depending on the type and constitution of their patients. Herbal therapy is beneficial especially in organic disease and great exhaustion, when to "fill up the fuel" is necessary. Acupuncture excels with functional problems, neuroses, pain conditions, the internal tension. For painful musculoskeletal conditions, stiff and aching muscles, sore back, is the method of choice Chinese Tuina massage. Almost every client is instructed of dietary guidelines according to the rules of TCM (TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine) that can move further and improve health. And when a client under our treatment begins to open the energy system by qigong exercises that we teach, the journey back to health progresses much faster.

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